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We have an important agricultural industry, with the sugar cane constituting the principal source of exportation of the Dominican Republic. From its beginnings, we represent Grupo Campollo in its investments in the Barahona Factory, which is operated by the Central Sugar Consortium.

Banking and Finance

From its beginnings, Headrick has provided services to the most important financial institutions of the country, with CITIBANK and BHD León being two of its first and most distinguished clients. In addition to providing services to local banks, the Firm has also counseled multilateral financial institutions as the Interamerican Development Bank (BID by its acronym in Spanish), the World Bank, the Andean Development Corporation, the French Development Agency, its subsidiary, Proparco, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration, among others. It has also served as counsel of the monetary and financial market’s regulatory institutions like the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic and the Superintendence of Banks.


In the last decades, construction has enjoyed an important rise in the Dominican Republic, therefore, the Firm has provided legal advice to international construction companies consorted with locales companies, as well as local companies, financing institutions and governmental agencies. The Firm advised the Consorcio Compreica-Alba Sánchez in the construction project of the Santo Domingo Bypass, one of the most important road works carried out in the country in the last few years.


The most important electrical service in the Dominican Republic has lacked stability and reliability. For more than two decades, reforms that have opened up the competition to what has been a state monopoly, have taken place. Headrick is one of the firms with more experience in these areas since it has served as counsel to private investors, domestic and foreign electrical companies, local and international financing institutions and government agencies.

Food and Beverage

One of the most important clients of the Firm is MERCASID and Grupo SID, a leading company in food and beverage in the Dominican Republic. We also represent other food and beverage industries, companies, grantors, distributors, fabricants, importers, etc. Among them THE EDRINGTON GROUP and its local subsidiary BRUGAL are noteworthy.

Free Zones

Since the 80’s this industry has played an important role in the creation of employment in the Dominican Republic. We have served as counsel to foreign investors that wish to settle in a Dominican free zone, companies that own free zone parks, while also handling the multiple needs of the business endeavors of these enterprises.

Health and Pharmaceutics

Headrick has distinguished itself for its defense of the patents and trademark rights of the most important pharmaceutical laboratories of the world; MERCK, PFIZER, JOHNSON & JOHNSON. It has also represented GE Healthcare, a leading institution in the commercialization of medical equipment.

Mining And Natural Resources

The mining industry has had an important growth in the country, with the resuming of the operations of the Pueblo Viejo gold mine and the exploitation of other deposits. Headrick has provided legal advice to domestic and foreign companies in obtaining and transferring their mining concessions, the purchase of shares, as well as financial institutions in the provision of the corresponding financings.

Other Industries

We provide legal advice to multiple industries that manufacture plastic packaging and paper like TETRA PAK, GRUPO DIESCO, POLYPLAS, MULTIFORM, INDUSTRIAS NIGUA, chemical industries like INTERQUIMICA, and fuel retailers as Texaco, among others.

Other Services

Among our daily service platform are many other ones like insurance, publicity, mass media communication, financial services. Some of our clients include MAPFRE, ARS PALIC, CARDNET, UNIPAGO.


Not only is the Dominican Republic famous for its beautiful beaches, it is also famous for its excellent baseball players, hence why the most important baseball teams have settled in the country. Headrick provides legal advice to teams like the NEW YORK YANKEES, CHICAGO WHITE SOX, CHICAGO CUBS, LOS ANGELES DODGERS, PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES, KANSAS CITY ROYALS, DETROIT TIGERS.

Technology and Telecommunications

The telecommunication industry has had an important development in the Dominican Republic. For many decades, Headrick has counseled the pioneer provider of telecommunication services in the country, CODETEL (now known as CLARO) which to this date stands as the principal provider of such services. Headrick has also counseled other telecommunication and technology companies, as GBM.

Tourism and Hotels

Tourism is one of the principal activities of our economy and Headrick has counseled multiple actors in the development and expansion of this thriving industry – from hotels like the PUNTA CANA GROUP to CASA DE CAMPO and CAP CANA, to important airports like the Punta Cana Airport and the Las Americas International Airport which was granted to VINCI. It has also counseled associations like the Association of Real Estate Companies for the Development of Tourism (ADIE by its acronyms in Spanish).


Trade is very important in the Dominican Republic and the Firm represents great importers as Plaza Lama, a leader in the trade of household appliances in the Dominican Republic.