“Excellence, appropriate approach, opportunity and personalized treatment for each one of our clients”


We are the leading law Firm in the Dominican Republic. Our unique and up-to-date knowledge of the legal and business world have placed us at the forefront of Law, anticipating the needs of our clients. Thanks to the excellence that distinguishes the work of our solid team of professionals, we are a benchmark in the Dominican legal market.

Not only are we characterized for providing excellent legal solutions, but for understanding the needs of the businesses of our clients, offering them alternatives to see them come to fruition, as well as opinions that ease an informed decision making process.


Throughout our history as a Firm we have been characterized for being pioneers in the innovative areas of Law, and for having transformed the traditional ones.

Thanks to the trust of our clientele, we have participated in the most important transactions that have been made in our country, giving us the opportunity to acquire great experience by working hand in hand with leading international firms. Likewise, some of our partners have been linked to the discussion of the principal legal reforms that have taken place in our country in the last two decades and have transformed our legal framework, giving us an opportunity to be first-hand connoisseurs of the latter.

We provide services in all areas of Law to an important local and international clientele, which represent the principal industries and economic sectors.


Business Vision

The businesses of our clients are also our businesses. We make an effort to know about their businesses in depth in order to provide quality counseling that is adapted to their needs. Our aim is to help our clients negotiate in accordance with the legal framework, know their risks and minimize them as much as possible, as well as to help them make better business decisions thanks to our legal advice.

Personalized Counseling

We value or clientele and strive to make them feel that they can count on us regardless of the size of their transaction or the magnitude of their problem. Any situations that our clients may have are treated as if it were our own and are therefore handled with excellence, opportunity and dedication.

Excellence in Service

As a team, professional excellence is what we aim for when we recruit our associates. Our collaborators are excellent professionals who have achieved high academic honors, are of proven expertise, speak multiple languages and are graduates of the best universities of the country and abroad. Many of them started their practical training as paralegals of the Firm and the best of them have then gone on to becoming associates.

Opportunity in Service

We understand that providing an excellent service is just as important as the time in which it is rendered. This is why we make an effort to attend every request of our clients with due diligence, a trait we cultivate as a value within our professional team.

Good Environment

Despite the size of the Firm, we endeavor to maintain a warm and approachable environment where freedom of thought and diversity are respected, interpersonal relationships are developed and knowledge is expanded. Hence why we rejoice in saying we are one great family.


The excellent work environment of our Firm favors the integration of the teams, which generates synergies, consequently adding personal value to each one of its members.