“An avant-garde Firm that has been around for three decades”

Headrick was founded in 1985 by William C. Headrick, Roberto Rizik Cabral, Francisco Alvarez Valdez and Mary Fernández Rodríguez, who had worked together previously and had gained experience in diverse areas of Law.

In that moment, the Firm was known for being one of the first to house partners that were not relatives.

The beginning of the 2000s brought about important events, not only for the Firm, with the incorporation of Marisol Vicens Bello as partner and Sarah De León Perelló, Tomás Hernández Metz, Luisa Nuño Núñez, and Julio Camejo Castillo who followed suit years later, all of which contributed to the strengthening of the professional team, but for the multiple transformations that took place in the country, economically and politically speaking. This decade also saw the retirement of Dr. William C. Headrick, who despite retiring as an active partner in the year 2002, remained as Of Counsel or external consultant. That year also brought about the transformation of our facilities, moving out of the house where our offices were located and into the sixth floor of one of the most important commercial buildings in the city of Santo Domingo, located in the most important commercial district that is currently the center of the city, occupying thereafter an important part of the fifth floor of the building.

Headrick knew how to adapt to the transformation lived by our economy, which went from being eminently agricultural (sugar cane) to one characterized by the provision of services, the development of new industries like tourism, free zones of exportation, telecommunications, the electrical industry, the elimination of differences of treatment to the local and foreign investors, the openness to trade, the passing of various reforms and bills that transformed the legal endeavor as: the General Electricity Law, the Law on Environment and Natural Resources, the General Law on Social Security, the Monetary and Financial Law, the Public Companies Reform Law, among others. Some of the Firm’s partners were actors in some of these scenarios, and, as a consequence of this new panorama, the members of the Firm prepared to respond to the needs of the existing and new clients.

In addition to its nine partners, Headrick has a team of more than thirty associate attorneys as well as a group of highly qualified paralegals and administrative staff who provide services with our usual standard of excellence.

All of this has enabled Headrick to acquire an excellent reputation and to be considered as one of the leading firms in the Dominican Republic.